Believer (roughly translated: Believers, original title: Dokjeon – Single Strategy) is one of the important projects of Korean cinema this year. The film is directed by Lee Hae Young remake of the 2013 film directed by Do Ky Phong Drug War . Believer attracted attention from the cast to the official trailer, including hit figures such as Jo Jin Woong , Cha Seung Won , Ryu Jun Yeol , Kim Sung Ryung and Park Hae Joon. This is also the last movie with the appearance of actor Kim Joo Hyuk before his death in a car accident in October last year.

Best Korean Drama in the First Half 2018 "Believer": Good in Idea but Wrong in Deployment - Photo 1

The film has a way of opening directly to the problem, not long or rambling. Detective Won Ho (Jo Jin Woong) is carrying out a case involving large drug trafficking networks. He decided to work with Rak (Ryu Jun Yeol), a low-level drug broker. Won Ho hopes to penetrate the narcotics line with Rak to help him get back to the position of boss Lee, a mysterious he has long pursued but still do not know a bit about him. including appearance, gender and gender.

Best Korean Drama in the First Half 2018 "Believer": Good in Idea but Wrong in Deployment - Picture 2

With a budget of 11.3 billion won (about 238 billion VND), Believer created a shell of a big blockbuster. Not only the cast of the movie, the film also impressed with the wide and extensive machine angle, showing the monumental scenery from the luxuriant but cool buildings in Seoul to the road covered with snow. White in Norway. The movement of the camera creates a sense of an overwhelming and cluttering air in the foot of police officers as they enter the line of the most dangerous crime machine.

Best Korean Drama in the First Half 2018 "Believer": Good on Ideas but Wrong on Deployment - Picture 3

The film also did not hide the intention to “market” the audience with a series of details that hit the viewer. Kim Joo Hyuk’s hand-trafficking agent and Jin Seo Yeon’s aide have been linked to the insanity of Joker and Harley Quinn. Each character in the criminal world is given a unique evil and monstrous. Kim Sung Ryung’s role is a diabetic lady snake. The drug dealer Park Hae Joon is a monster guy. Cha Seung Won’s character is a daddy who likes to talk about drugs as if he is evangelizing. A series of violent scenes, bloody, showing the female body continuously invaded the visual of the audience, to create a continuous air drama and throughout.

Best Korean Drama in the First Half 2018 "Believer": Good in Idea but Wrong in Implementation - Photo 4.

The two main characters of the movie are quite good. Jo Jin Woong as Inspector Won Ho makes a solid contribution to crime scenes. These are the scenes that will help the actors to perform acting techniques but not really. Jo Jin Woong has always made the audience realize that this is Won Ho detective acting as Ha Rim rather than actor Jo Jin Woong is playing the drug bosses. Ryu Jun Yeol’s role as Rak is not easy either. With the level of detail in the script is not much with very little dialogue, if not because of good internal forces, Rak shoulder was quickly “melted into the air.”

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Best Korean Drama in the First Half 2018 "Believer": Good on Ideas but Wrong on Deployment - Photo 5.

From the new English title of the film, Believer has set up a completely different life than the original drug war. If you set the angle from the two main themes of the original version is the worldview of the narcotics leader and the unfortunate sacrifice of the police officers participating in the project, the viewer can completely Understood the creative ideas of director Lee Hae Young in the new version.

The sacrifices of the police were retained and Lee’s villain boss was further developed. He is never exposed, but the influence of those around him is always present. Lee is like a brutal god in his drug empire. There, his presence always imposes a fear of “not believing” the drug is actually the means by which he maintains his “religion.”

Best Korean Drama in the First Half 2018 "Believer": Good in Idea but Wrong in Deployment - Photo 6.

However, that is just about the idea. As for the implementation, the film is completely drowned compared to the original version. Although it’s longer than the original 16 minutes, Believer’s script has little space for character development. The main roles go from drowning to drowning. The way to go straight to the problem of the film creates a rush of feeling but does not create a convincing feeling about what is going on. We see a series of police professional measures as well as detailed steps in the drug but no depth to believe in their motives and decisions. The audience did not understand why Won Ho’s inspector was so obsessed with pursuing Lee.

Best Korean Drama in the First Half 2018 "Believer": Good in Idea but Wrong in Implementation - Photo 7.

Twist on the boss hand is quite creative but not enough to make the viewer feel surprised or surprised, simply because they have no speculation for the character but simply wait until he leaves Show on screen for yes. If not, this is another person. Secondary characters are also cared for at the level of appearance. The role of Jin Ha Rim makes viewers wonder if the role of this character is just to have a Chinese mafia in the film to match the trend of the current Korean film or not Bo Ryeong is just like Decoration for the boyfriend freak. The construction element of the script has completely retreated and left the vitality of the film for the actors themselves to bear the burden.

In short, Believer is a mind-boggling remake of the film, but the script’s frame is still too thin to develop into a quality movie. Korean audiences can enjoy dramatic dramatic visual effects, but in terms of content quality, they will probably not be happy about it.

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