Social networking sites Facebook is flooded with free-to-play free sharing groups with hundreds of thousands of members.

Site Business Insider  found two secret group called “Full HD Movie English” and “Free full movies 2018”. Both groups gave their members the latest movie rights (still in theaters) such as “Ant Man and Wasp” and “A Quite Place.”

According to Business Insider , it is not too difficult to find similar groups. Just enter the keyword “free movies” in the Facebook search box, a series of similar groups will appear.

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Facebook says it is not their responsibility to remove the video when the owner does not speak up.

These groups have existed for a long time, even though Facebook has content teams including humans and automated systems. This raises doubts about the effectiveness of the content review system of this social network.

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Reply to Business Insider , a Facebook spokesman. It is not the responsibility of the company to remove such content if the copyright owner does not notify Facebook. Facebook claims that they can not confirm that the case is wrong even if the sharing of the films is clearly copyright infringement.

“If a copyright holder identifies a content on Facebook that they believe infringes their intellectual property rights, they can report it to us at any time using our online reporting channels. “said Facebook.

In addition, Facebook does not allow users to report copyright infringement unless they are the owner. This means that there is no way for a typical user to warn something that is offensive.

Facebook claims that it is not responsible for removing these videos without a report from the owner. Because the company can not confirm that something is being uploaded illegally on its platform.

But it’s hard to imagine Marvel going to upload Facebook videos of “Ant Man and Wasp,” which has just opened in their theaters. According to  Business Insider , Facebook is trying to ignore its responsibilities.

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More than 35 percent of the online source of pirated video came from social networks, with Facebook accounting for almost all of them.

In the past, social networking sites with 2 billion users each claimed they were not a media company. So Facebook is neutral about copyright issues. However, the company is still developing its own video platform and “accidentally” become the “new world” for pirated movies.

Long hours of films are sometimes stored directly on Facebook’s servers. Other groups share links that lead to illegal film sites.

“Full HD English Movie”, which has more than 134,000 members, has hosted smugglers on Facebook for such films as “The Greatest Showman,” “Transformers: The Last Knight,” “A Quiet Place”. These movies have existed since 2016.

Facebook has been criticized several times for the way they censored content appearing on their networks, from allowing the Pulitzer Prize-winning picture to misinformation and deliberate misleading.

In July 2017, Facebook acquired Source3, a video piracy software company. This move is to confirm Facebook is trying to fight offensive content. However, these offenses continue to spread over private groups.

In Vietnam, there are over a thousand large groups sharing movies. Most of these groups were created to distribute pirated movie links. The administrator will post a trailer with a link to another site.

By the same token , these pioneering pirated sites attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. Of that number, Facebook accounted for nearly 40%. Facebook groups are now a powerful tool to help pirated movie sites attract a large audience.

Not only that, pirated websites are leveraging Facebook’s servers for the purpose of storing movies for their platforms. Facebook has no action to stop this.

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