Earlier this year, Marvel Studios hired screenwriter Jac Shaeffer to develop the script for the first feature film on Russian spy Black Widow . Marvel also has a thorough “selection” to find people capable of leading the film. During this period, various names appeared and “competed fiercely” for the final position. Surprisingly, the person Marvel trusted to direct this director  Cate Shortland , she was also the first female director to join the Marvel Universe.

The Black Widow movie was directed by Cate ShortlandIf Wonder Woman has succeeded thanks to the talented hands of director  Patty Jenkins , Marvel is no less bold when launching her own female character – Black Widow under the guidance of women directed by Cate Shortland. This is considered Marvel’s first step in implementing a whole new direction for Stage Four, the stage to bring the superhero female debut with the audience more. Before our eyes there is the candidate of the brilliant  Captain Marvel directed by duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will debut public next year.

Cate Shortland

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Cate recently than the last known horror film  Berlin Syndrome (Vietnamese title: Lost in Berlin) launched in 2017, in partnership with actress Teresa Palmer. Although the film is not a box office hit but is well received by critics, it received 73% on Rotten Tomatoes. Her career began with the 2004 film  Somersault with 83% of Rotten’s score and next in 2012, she and  Lore  continued to harvest sweet fruit when it reached 94% of Rotten. Black Widow will be a big challenge for her when it is her first time participating in a blockbuster project.

The Black Widow movie was directed by Cate ShortlandAccordingly, the female director has officially signed with the label for the lead role of the film. However, if we talk about Black Widow in detail , we do not have any more clues. According to the information available, this may be a prequel in MCU with the appearance of actor  Sebastian Stan or also known as the Warrior of the Winter.

The Black Widow movie was directed by Cate ShortlandThe Black Widow movie was directed by Cate ShortlandIn addition to the Black Widow project which will be launched alongside Cate Shortland, Marvel did not release any further information about the upcoming releases to stop the spoilers. So if you want to know exactly what the Russian spy has to do, we have to wait until May next year to get the most accurate answer.

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