Kieu female comedy village” that in the scene many stages, comedy show in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City closed, comedians have to produce films themselves.

Nam Thư has just completed the comedy South Africa . The actress said the idea of making a movie came in one afternoon, then she and the crew quickly started working on it.

Nam Thu is distressed by the many comedic stages in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM closed

Talking about comedians’ current comedy tendencies, Nam Thu said that it is the best way for artists to approach the audience in the comedy stage in HCMC. HCM is not much.

The actress was heartbroken when she saw familiar stages such as 126, MTV was no longer active, Nam Quang or Dong drum sometimes performed.

Nam Thu: 'I lost my money
Nam Thu is not afraid to be compared with Thu Trang, Huynh Lap. Picture: Nguyen Thanh.

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“Losing the stage means losing the opportunity to reach the audience, the comedian’s income is decreasing, and the comedian has a game show, a movie that’s still close, if not more on the show or on the go. The rainy season as the show province is very little, “she said quietly.

According to Nam Thu, when the artist started to make short films, it was difficult to find a movie with a big crowd, but the artist had to take care of it all. For funding, Nam Thu said she invested alone.

She revealed that although her co-stars in  South Africa  did not receive a paych but the three-episode budget still amounted to several hundred million. “That’s the amount of money I’ve accumulated over the past year,” she said. “Everybody says I’m tempted to make money for a movie, but the artist can not do it.”

Do not be afraid to be compared with Thu Trang, Huynh Lap

When introducing comedy short, Nam Thu was compared to many people compared with Thu Trang, Huynh Lap, even the “comedy village” to compete with “comedy village”. Replies to this message, she said: “Before I turned the comedy series  cross lady . I have deployed script but actors and directors are busy should be rescheduled. At that time, the director Mr. Su she also recently filmed movie Thu Trang  cross eighty . If I do  cross lady  is new compared with her being rather “.

However, Nam Thu insisted that no comparison was made with the sisters. “Now I lose to Trang, it’s also true because I’m her sister, my product is back, my channel is new, and if you like it or not, you can do it. I can decide that, “she insisted.

Nam Thư confidently script his ancient comedy does not overlap with anyone. The way to work without paper scripts on the set of her school and ê-kép is not the same.

“Before the filming, the actors sat down and talked, and the director cut off the pieces, and then the director cut and re-composed them so that the segments were fun but not overwhelming,” she said. .

Replying to the question about no script will be judged to be a serious film, “comedy village” said that if you do not know the script, then the scene will not know what to do. And she and BB Tran discussed the lines of the screen carefully, the character and fate of each character is clear. So her crew is active in every scene.

Nam Thu: 'The cost of living in the United States 2
Nam Thư and the South African cast . Picture: Nguyen Thanh.

South Africa is in full swing around the story in the harem. Here, the conspiracy in the fight to win the title, the hate, envy, and the harming minds will be portrayed in humor.

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