The Ready Player One tells the story of the year 2044, when people can escape the gloomy real world by uniting themselves in a simplicity of mind called OASIS. From here, Wade Watts appears. He came to OASIS and took the name of his character Parzival. One day, the founder of Oasis challenged all the players to find Easter Eggs – Easter eggs. The prize for the winner is the very precious treasure that he left behind. Wade Watts found the first hints in the search and started his journey. However, Wade Watts soon finds herself in the vicious circle of mysterious, crazy events under the umbrella of Innovative Online Industries.

Steven Spielberg’s $ 175 million Steven Spielberg’s “Ready for One” (The Virtual Arena) makes viewers look forward to the latest innovations, and entertaines a plethora of interesting cultural facts. mass. Climate change, population growth, social injustice, environmental pollution … The burden of the Earth in the middle of the twenty-first century must buckle and not really a place to live. Humans have to tread in narrow slums, or high rise condominiums built from pickup cabins.


To get rid of that fatigue and pessimism, most people seek joy in OASIS – a virtual world where people can become anyone, do anything, or go anywhere. Where imagination can reach. The OASIS space was created by computer scientist James Halliday (Mark Rylance) with a lot of cyberspace and virtual characters inspired by a myriad of cinematic and electronic games. They were in the 1980s.

Before leaving Halliday leaves the will that he has hidden the three virtual keys inside OASIS, and anyone who finds them will take control of the virtual world, which means becoming a master of life. the spirit of the people around the world.

On top of that, it must be confirmed that Ready Player One is an excellent visual work. Spielberg gives movie lovers a Ready Player One, filled with high-end cinematic imagery, with fantasy scenes like race cars, battles with hundreds of familiar characters in movies and video games.

It is worth mentioning that Ready Player One contains a lot of complex action sequences with fast speed, dense character, details and skills. But the film does not create confusion.

Ready Player One’s pseudo-fantasy pseudonyms are sure to catch many of the early twentieth-century Steven Spielberg science-fiction twins, A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Minority Report (2002).

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